Financial Council

Purpose: To operate within the parish Mission, Vision, & Value Statements. These are goals and priorities which are recommended by the Pastoral Council and approved by the pastor. The Finance Council  works to establish the general budget and parameters within which the parish can responsibly act financially.

Gifts to share: Finance Council seeks diverse representation of the parish: accounting and finance education and work experience are preferred for approximately half of the council membership. Skills recommended are communication, problem solving, patience, open-mindedness, forward thinking, and, above all, the ability to see that how the parish spends the money is an expression of our missions, vision, and value statements of our catholic faith.

Commitment: Members are expected to attend a minimum of four meetings a year. The pastor might call additional  meeting should special needs arise. . Furthermore, there are times that the pastor might wish to consult the members of the council through other methods of communication, such as a phone, call, letter, or e-mail.

Current Members:   

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